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Celebrating mistakes and embracing emotions as part of growth.


Grow from Mistakes & Embrace Emotions


Mistake and Friends celebrate mistakes as learning opportunities, embrace emotions as part of growth, and honor differences. 


Mistake, the lovable monster, represents compassion and growth. The five friends, who symbolize the Five Elements of Chinese Medicine, embody unique qualities within us all.


We nurture stronger parent-child connections in an empowering environment where sharing mistakes and dealing with big emotions yields meaningful learning.


We create enriching content to help parents guide their kids in transforming challenges into growth opportunities. We inspire parents and educators to establish a foundation for open communication about mistakes and emotions.

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Mistake: Our fearless leader embraces failure and mistakes as learning opportunities. Mistake teaches us the power of self-acceptance and a growth mindset.

Ryangry: This passionate friend shows us that enthusiasm can fuel amazing things, even if leads to a burst of energy. Mistakes are chances to channel energy into positive change!


Dramamia: She teaches us the importance of expressing emotions openly and understanding others. Mistakes are opportunities to learn from both joy and sadness.

Pleasington: Pleasington reminds us that kindness and compassion are essential for building strong friendships. Empathy allows us to overcome mistakes and move forward.


Perfectron: Sharp and direct, Perfectron encourages us to strive for excellence and learn from our missteps. Mistakes are stepping stones towards growth and refinement.

Fearolina: Fearolina's courage inspires kids to face anxieties and embrace new possibilities. Mistakes are a part of learning and exploring exciting experiences.


Join Mistake and Friends on an adventure of self-discovery, laughter, and learning!