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Homemade Interactive Game for Kids

Homemade Interactive Game for Kids

This super simple and fun game will keep you little ones entertained for hours while they learn improv skills, out-of-the-box thinking, facing the unexpected, communication skills, drawing and imagination. All you need is: 2 to 3 (or more!) big paper bags, tape, scissors, crayons and lots of imagination. And a plastic bag or container to keep the shapes of the characters you will make. Ideas to use this game: 1. storytelling, dealing with the unexpected and "what if" Put all your characters in a bag and take turns to make your own story. Your kid puts their hand in the bag (no peeking!) and whatever character they have to tell a part of the story. Then it's your turn! Eg. kid takes mom elephant out of the bag and says "Mom elephant goes to the grocery store" then you take the princess out of the bag and say "what if mom elephant runs into the princess at the store?" that way, kiddo can imagine different scenarios and create fun stories. 2. Choose your genre - storytelling, literature, improv Tell your child about different literature generes and together make a story. Say you choose "suspense" and take a random figure out of the bag, like the crocodile! "a suspicious crocodile is walking near the train track... what do you think it is up to?" and look into the bag of characters to give the story continuity. 3. Daily life dynamics Take out the characters and move them around like "a day in the life of." Let your child imagine what a day in the life of a doctor, teacher, bus driver is. Make new characters as your story evolves and always keep them in your bag! 4. Three random characters Let your kid take out three random pieces from the bag and have them come out with a story! will it be a funny story? a sci-fi? a love story? possibilities are endless! Find out more about Mistake: Follow us on social media:
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