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Neta Shani and Hagit Segal offer engaging and educational author visits to schools, libraries, and other organizations. Their visits inspire children, educators, and parents through interactive storytelling, hands-on activities, and insightful discussions about emotional well-being and creative expression.


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Neta Shani

Neta Shani started her journey into children's emotional health when she embarked on a career as a pediatric acupuncturist. Specializing in sensory processing and emotional regulation, Neta developed the Sensory Balancing technique. Her expertise in this field has touched the lives of many children and families, providing them with valuable tools for self-discovery and emotional growth.

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Hagit Segal

Hagit Segal is an experienced educator specializing in early childhood education. She develops educational content and programs to empower parents, educators, and children to embrace mistakes as valuable learning opportunities and emotions as part of growth. Hagit participated in a unique international program, "Myths, Fairytales, and Legends," in Scandinavia and is an expert on children's literature. 

Author Visit Programs

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Storytelling Session

Duration: up to 1 hour


  • Introducing the characters

  • Interactive reading of the story "Happy Campers: A Trip Full of Emotions

  • Q&A session.

Price: $249 in-person | $149 online

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Interactive Workshop


Duration: 2 hours


  • Introducing the characters

  • Interactive reading of the story "Happy Campers: A Trip Full of Emotions

  • Creative activity - choose one: art, sports, music, games, etc

  • Q&A session

Price: $399

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Full-Day Visit

Duration: 6 hours


  • Session 1: Introducing the characters and interactive reading of the story "Happy Campers: A Trip Full of Emotions and Q&A.

  • Session 2: Become a positive leader with Ryangry and Mistake. 

  • Session 3: Handle big emotions with Dramamia and Mistake. 

  • Session 4: Grow by caring for others with Pleasington and Mistake. 

  • Session 5: Embrace imperfections with Perfectrom and Mistake. . 

  • Session 6: Overcome fear with Fearolina and Mistake. 

Price: $999

Happy Campers FINAL COVER.jpg


"Happy Campers: A Trip Full of Emotions" is a tale that teaches children valuable communication, empathy, and collaboration lessons. This engaging story is a delightful adventure and a practical tool for sparking meaningful conversations with children about resilience.


Ryangry's grand camping plan isn't going as smoothly as he hoped. Dramamia's dancing, Pleasington's cookies, Perfectron's tent-building, and Fearolina's fears collide, leading to unexpected twists and turns.


As they face their emotions, they learn to understand each other's needs, offer support, and work together to make the camping trip successful. Along the way, they discover the power of kindness, empathy, and the joy of celebrating their unique talents.


Uncover activities, insightful questions, and a unique bonus guide introducing the five characters (elements within us). It's not just a book; it's a journey of learning and connection!

Book a visit


To book an author visit or for more information,

please get in touch with us at:

Email: |

Phone: 650-772-9076 or 408-613-5216


We look forward to inspiring your community with the beautiful world of "Happy Campers: A Trip Full of Emotions"!

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