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Embrace Learning from Mistakes: We celebrate mistakes as valuable learning opportunities, recognizing that they are essential for personal growth and development.

Honor Emotional Growth: We acknowledge and embrace emotions as a vital part of growth, encouraging open expression and understanding of feelings.

Respect Individual Uniqueness: We honor and celebrate each individual's unique qualities and perspectives, fostering an inclusive and supportive environment.

Foster Strong Connections: We nurture stronger parent-child connections by encouraging the sharing of mistakes and the healthy expression of emotions in an empowering environment.

Promote Open Communication: We inspire parents and educators to establish a foundation for open communication about mistakes and emotions, fostering an environment of trust and understanding.

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Hagit & Mistake


Mistake was created by a mother, Mayra Azanza, who wanted to teach her daughter that mistakes are okay and can be great learning opportunities. I met Mayra shortly after and was touched by the message. As an educator, I saw a world of content that could spread the message of the adorable Mistake doll.


I enthusiastically shared my ideas with Mayra, who invited me to join her on this adventure. A cute doll became a learning experience, teaching children early on that it's okay to fail as part of our journey to success. After three wonderful years working together, Mayra moved on to new opportunities. I have continued to celebrate mistakes as part of growth.

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My E-motions

With over 20 years of experience working with children, I, Neta, have witnessed firsthand the power of emotional intelligence in navigating life's challenges.


My background as a pediatric acupuncturist specializing in sensory processing and emotional regulation fueled my passion for creating tools that empower children to understand and manage their emotions.


This passion led to My E-motions, a platform that utilizes the Five Element Theory to provide children with relatable characters and engaging resources to explore their emotional landscape.

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Mistake and Friends

We have been working in collaboration for a few years, and the natural next step was to join forces and bring My E-motions and Mistakes together.


Mistake's rich content world, filled with stories and adventures, is enhanced by the five E-motions characters who offer a framework for understanding emotions. 


Working together, we witnessed the magic that unfolded. Mistake became a central figure in this new world with his message of acceptance. My E-motions characters provided a foundation for emotional literacy, and Mistake, with his relatable touch, reminded children that it's okay to be different and make mistakes. 



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