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Updated: Nov 3, 2022

I was so ready to go back to school! My fur looked great after I spent a long time brushing and untangling it. I made sure everything in my backpack was ready and I carefully put my lunch inside of it.

It was a banana and a cheese sandwich, my favorite! I took my scooter, put on my helmet and off I went to school.

I got there a few minutes before the bell rang, everybody was getting ready to go inside, and that’s when it happened…

I was all too excited to get into my classroom, that I lowered my tail before stopping my scooter. My tail got tangled in my scooter’s wheels and off I fell, face on the ground!

Everybody gasped, my friend Benito Bunny came jumping fast to help me and Robert Snake picked up my scooter. In the commotion, my backpack flew a few feet from me, landing on the side where I had put my lunch.

I was all covered in dust, my tail hurt a lot and I had a scraped knee. I had never been more relieved for wearing a helmet! Then I opened my backpack: the banana was smashed, and my sandwich was completely ruined! Worst-day-of-my-life.

Susy Porcupine helped me to the infirmary, where Molly Cow, the nurse, cleaned my scraped knee, gave me an ice pack for my tail and some juice to make me feel better. I was so scared and even angry at myself, that I started to cry.

Susy sat next to me and held my hand “That was very scary” she told me. “Yes” I said, feeling deeply sorry for myself, tears streaming down my furry face, dripping on the floor of the infirmary.

“But… you know what? My grandma always tells me that laughing is the best medicine.” “What?” I replied, baffled. “How could I possibly laugh, being so embarrassed and in so much pain! I started feeling even worse, the nerve to say that!

“Oh, I know… you are in pain… but… what about… this!” She made a super silly face. I thought it was funny but refused to laugh. I mean, I was in pain! I just fell in front of the whole school! I made a fool of myself! My banana smashed inside my backpack! That wasn’t funny!

“Or… this!” and she made a funny noise. I couldn’t hide a small laugh. “What about… this!” She made a sillier face. I just couldn’t hold it, I smiled. Susy giggled and made another silly face that turned my smile into a giggle until we both ended up laughing.

“Oh well… I fell on my face!” I said to Susy, laughing. “And my fur is a mess and there’s smashed banana all over my backpack!” I continued to laugh “but laughing it out with you has made me feel so much better!”

Susy gave me the biggest smile “Well, see? My grandma is right! Laughter IS the best medicine!” and she walked with me, slowly because my knee still hurt, to our classroom. For the rest of the day I tried to focus on my friend’s smiles and silly faces instead of my pain and embarrassment.

There are times when you feel embarrassed and ashamed. From now on, when that happens to you always think of Susy Porcupine and find a reason to laugh it out. Laughter will alleviate bad feelings and will help you see your problems from another perspective, with a smile on your face.

Key Points:
  • Nobody made fun of Mistake falling on their face and friends came over to help.

  • Susy: took Mistake to get help and stayed with them. She noticed Mistake was feeling worse emotionally than physically, so she made them laugh.

  • Think of embarrassing situations where you could have or did laugh it out! Can you share some ideas of how to cope with embarrassing situations with humor? Practice a silly face to make your friends smile!

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